nail_grower » I have very long nails.
John White » Tim, Can I use "What was on the inside" for Cafe1040's next newsletter? you can email me
Jennifer » hi tim! miss chatting ocassionally. can't wait for more tunes.
Reidmix » tim timity whatidity upity
Clayton » Tim, we need to have dinner some time. I would love to hear what God did this summer
Clayton » Tim, we need to have dinner some time. I would love to hear what God did this summer
jr » cool blog
Tony » hey kiddo
kendall » I love you Timmy! I think you're a chick magnet.
Another Girl... » probably true.
Tim » Then again, you might just be right about the chick-magnet thing.
Tim » It could be that girls are just more sympathetic to a dying cause.
Another Girl... » you must be a chick magnet.
Clayton » Tim how are things?
Tim » Plus, I don't get many comments, so I'm happy with whatever I can get.
Tim » Hmm. Not particularly. Do you?
Another Girl... » do you find it odd that mostly girls comment on your page?
Ashley » Hudson Taylor is the coolest!! (followed by Tim, taking a close second place!) haha.. have an awesome day!!
Juliet » Tim's the coolest! hey do you happen to know anyone there who dances??
Tim » No. I assure you I grow awesomer with age.
sara bennett » tim, were you always this awesome????
Amanda » Take a peak at Entry title: "Finial Answer" Posted: January 10th
Amanda » Hello, how are you? Your page caught my attention and I am looking for positive and negative comments about my blog.. Your doing a great job was wondering if you would stop by and check me out.
Ashley » I'm still bitter about the whole LaserQuest incident... GRR....
Clayton Canon » Tim, I love you man and I hope that you have a great break.
Tim » Yep, I think I did. I think I've recommended pretty much all of his stuff to everyone...heh. 'Little souls make big lusts have great power.' Dang.
Kinsley » i'm reading "when i don't desire God, by Piper. ...didn't you suggest that to me? I love ya man.
Tim » no one comments. that is lame.
Tim » har har
Your Crush » I heart Timmy.
Tim » Carrie! Would you believe I know another Carrie S., who I've known since before elementary school? I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how Clayton knew her. I'm a dork, yep.
Clayton » Carrie, I know that this is Tim's blog but I just wanted to say whats up
Roger » You're too cool dude. Blessings to you on this Lord's day. We have electricity at church today!!! Woot!
Roger » "filthy rags" refers to the puss filled, nasty bandages off the lepers. Our BEST efforts outside the empowerment of Christ are but filthy rags. Right actions do not help - it is right standing.
Roger » Tim, Isaiah 64 6 All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away. --
Carrie S. » Hi Tim! I concur with Clayton.
Some Girl » I love you, Tim!
Clayton » Tim, you rock!
Tim » Comment!
Kinsley » lookin buff!
jen » what a stellar guy, that tim!
Kinsley » Tim!!!!! I'm checkin you out. I love ya and miss ya! I'll send you an email in a few days. I'm glad you did your journal!
jade » you need to update
jade » its giaddaverde
Tim » well could just tell me your AIM name by now.
jade » tim-i have your sn now, so im gonna be harrassing you...
Tim » Agreed.
Juliet and Ashley » Tim's a stud
Jacc » I go to OU too. I was in Belgium for 6 months and I know how good it feels to be back. Norman is great and our campus is so beautiful!
Donna » Tim, you rock. But you knew that.
tom » Hi all
Josh » It's about time to update this blog, Mr. I'm-too-good-to-take-a-break-from-evangelism-in-Th e-Windy-City
chiraag suchak » Would it be possible to blog roll me or add a link to my site please? I can link to your blog in return. It would generate more hits for both of us. My url is
Christina » btw nice post today
Christina » No Tim, i did not know that.
gaurdian » nails
Tim » Yep, I do. You didn't know that?
Christina » Tim, you go to OU??
Tim » Har-har.
Nails are cool » Any others (male or female) on here who like lads with long nails?
Nails are cool » I am a 20 year old lad who's always had long nails. Not cos I play guitar - I don't - but just because I like them like that. Do you want to swap nail pics?
Nails are cool » Tim, how long are your nails? Do you have pics of them anywhere?
hansolo » rock hard tasty abs. washerboard style.
Niki » *sniffle* I sniffle to see that there is no link to my website below... Ok, not really. Rock on Tim...
Amber » Hey Tim, this is cool! -
jac » hola tim! i didn't know you wrote in one of!
Tim » Um. Yes?
Pondering » Any events going on tonight (Sunday, April 11) ?
Minhthy » OU..of course
Minhthy » OH I wanna go there!!
Juliet » well, Im online most of the time...
jo »'re too talented...
Chris » Hrm, I'm missing Copeland's show in Little Rock tonight.
BClifton » Nice workout today. Thanks for posting the movie of me working out above.
Kels » Love the story Tim.
marie » beautiful feb. 13th entry.
Trevor » Tim... how's Russel been? I haven't heard about that guy in forever.
Juliet » on your entries??
Tim » Because, they...don't comment.
Juliet » and why is that?
Tim » People who don't comment are lame.
Maria » hey, you are so inspiring, i'll keep coming back here
Juliet » you're so inspiring
twu » good work
Kels » You never fail to teach me something Tim.
Jessi » wish my nails would stay long.. i bite them.. *yuck, i know*
melody » thanks. i've been encouraged by the 2 seconds i've been on your blog. i commend you. i really like it.
melody » God is amazing
melody » colplay is amazing
melody » nice blog
Juliet » I just saw this and thought id stop by nice blog
ham » mm i like that WORSHIP thing
marie » Tim - its marie from pw... i clicked on your name from my blog! you rock that your a guitar performance major... its a pretty blog
Rewind » Tim you have definitely spiced this thing up
kleptor » nice blog. kleptor likes.
K-Dawg (*kendall) » Wow- it says "i love you reading your.." That came out wrong. I'm tired, what can I say. Sorry babe!
K-Dawg (*kendall) » Hey Dearie! I love you reading your "wisdom". It's good to be reminded of some things every so often. You're the best, you know i love you! )
Jessie » Hey, I really like your message... [What is this Jesus thing?] Good stuff.
BClifton » Hey Tim. Interesting blog. Keep it coming.
Marcy » Hey Tim, i'm doin this for ya, ur the greatest and i'm comin to Tulsa in Feb, so hopefully you'll come and watch another one of my games...but this time u know my team is blue!! Take care buh bye