Entry: If We Just Obey Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's pretty amazing how God works things out when his people are simply obedient.

At my church, it came out that one of the elders had been concealing a homosexual lifestyle for thirty years. As you'd probably expect, a lot of turmoil resulted. But, my pastor had spent several weeks preaching on the biblical basis for and necessity of church discipline the last year, and so this proved to be one of the those rubber-meeting-road moments.

The elders told this man that he could either repent and they would walk with him through recovery, or he would have to leave the fellowship. He chose to leave. Then, over several weeks, he was won over by the love of the body. Through letters, phone calls, and even visits, the Lord broke his heart. Sunday night he came to publically confess and repent, and to ask forgiveness. He was welcomed back into fellowship, and the whole church came down to lay hands on him and pray for him, and then took the Lord's supper together as a unified body. It was amazing how faithful God was when his people listened to and heeded his word.

He obviously knows what he's doing.


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