Entry: Biblical policy Sunday, January 08, 2006

I've realized the last few weeks and months that I have very few strong political convictions. I of course have firm stances on abortion and homosexual marriage, but those aren't as much political convictions as much as they are moral issues which just so happen to be significant in the political realm. Things like welfare and worker's rights and education are much more complicated.

I'm starting to realize that my previous idea of 'I'm religiously conservative, so that makes me Republican' doesn't really hold up. The whole polarization of the two-party system and the resulting complications are starting to become more evident to me. Sure, I appreciate the strong moral stance the Republicans take on a few issues I feel strongly about. But, I have no interest in seeing the rich become richer and the rights of the poor neglected.

But this is where it gets even harder, because I have to think biblically about all these issues. The problem with welfare isn't the particular philosophy each administration or party has regarding the way it should be administered, but instead that the government is in charge of the poor at all. The job of caring for the poor isn't given to the state, but to the church. The whole idea of state-run welfare is faulty and bibically unfaithful from the start.

Forming a political stance is going to be difficult, and I'm getting the idea that in the end, I'm not quite going to fit in with the two-party system.


brandon Jones
February 27, 2006   04:34 PM PST
Here's a quote that has got me thinking a lot: "Social policy exists because the church isn't doing its job." So do I support the state until the church gets its act together or not? At least they are trying to do something regardless how error filled it might be...
January 12, 2006   09:59 AM PST
I very much agree with you there. Thats all- just wanted to say you aren't the only one!
Kelly Jo
January 10, 2006   01:49 PM PST
Hey- just browsing through blogs and saw yours . . . I've been trying to figure out the whole "what is my political stance on morally neutral issues" thing too. Politics is a rather confusing world for me; it's hard to even know how much of what the media presents us with as facts and arguments are even true or a good representation of the whole picture. Best of luck to you.

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